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What is “refined sugar”? Why is it a problem, and what are some ways to cutout refined sugar from your diet?

What is "refined sugar"?

Before you cutout refined sugar from your diet, you should understand what “refined sugar” is, and what effects it has on the body. Refined Sugar, is that white stuff we use to scoop into our coffee. Sweet, confectionary goodness, it’s the base of most desserts today. It comes in many forms, high-fructose corn syrup in soda, sugar in pastries and snack foods. Really, lets face it the stuff is everywhere. In conjunction to this, sugar is actually addictive. It releases dopamine to the pleasure receptors in our brain when we eat it. Which, in the wild, was a good thing, we received mental gratification through eating the naturally occurring sugars in fruits was meant to make sustaining one’s life a pleasurable experience. The problem lies in that word before sugar, “Refined”.

Why is it a problem?

To Understand why that’s a problem we first have to understand how sugar is metabolized (digested) in the body. Sugar, is a carbohydrate. When carbohydrates are consumed in the body they create blood sugar. Normal. Blood sugar is then combined with insulin created by your pancreas. Normal also. When these two come together in the blood stream they create HTP a usable form of energy to your body. SO? What’s the problem?

The problem lies in how Refined Sugar is broken down in the body. See when you eat refined sugar you get a giant spike in blood sugar. That sugar is quickly metabolized by the body because of how refined it is. This forces your pancreas to work in overdrive to keep up with the amount of sugar in your blood. Eating a spoonful of sugar once won’t kill you. But this same reaction happens when we eat white refined anything. That includes rice, bread, and flours that aren’t refined from whole grains. All of the cause the same reaction in the glycemic index as sugar A giant blood sugar spike, followed by a overworked pancreas. And when your Pancreas quits, you have type 2 diabetes.

What are some ways to cutout refined sugar from your diet?

There are numerous ways to cutout refined sugar from your diet, but the best way is to replace it with “Whole Grains “. Starting your day with a large serving of whole grains like oatmeal for instance, does 2 things. First, as most of us know a big bowl of oatmeal is really filling, and satisfying. You don’t feel like eating much after you fill up on oatmeal. The reason for this is that oatmeal is a whole grain, and it breaks down slowly into blood sugar overtime. Creating a steady workable stream of blood sugar for your pancreas to work on for the next few hours.

Doing this in the morning helps prevent those spikes and crashes in our blood sugar and also gives us a stable foundation to be able to say, “No Thanks “ when someone offers you that candy bar or donut.   Cheers and good luck!

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